Technical SEO audit for Ecommerce

Technical SEO Audit For E-commerce Sites

Not too long ago I wrote up my go-to SEO audit checklist to help guide those that are taking new clients or just joined the position. It is a great start for all those that are looking to begin implementing a more technical SEO strategy for their marketing plan. But every business is unique and Read More

Marketing ROI

Calculating Marketing ROIs Like A Boss

We all have been there; another month, another monthly marketing report and ONLY your boss will review it. But you and I know that the report is jam-packed with meaningful data; it shows so much more than your twitter follower count! While we in marketing know how important our work is across the organisation, it’s Read More

find best content ideas

How to find best content ideas?

  Over 20 years ago, Bill Gates announced that “CONTENT IS KING”! And so the ultimate age of content has started to rule of the interwebs! (Also, Bill Gates borrowed this saying from Sumner Redstone, who said it before about broadcasting, but this is not what we discuss here) This is, however, a saying that Read More


Fast Track SEO Audit Checklist

  SEO audit is great to start getting better results from your website but knowing where to start optimising a website for SEO can be a bit tricky. Optimising your website isn’t only about making your content great and rich in keywords, a lot of it is about making sure your website is adhering to the best Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Page Speed Optimisation 2019

Page speed optimisation is becoming a more and more important issue in the field. And following my previous post about the tools for page speed optimisation, I wanted to write a follow-up piece. Page speed optimisation isn’t just about using the tools and trying to understand all of the jargon that goes on. There are Read More

Top marketing blogs to bookmark

Keeping up to date with the most recent updates with all of the social media applications and SEO is one of the most important issues that a digital marketer should be concerned. Being out of the industry I have found this out the hard way. However, I have found many blogs which focus on digital Read More

page speed optimisation

Best Page Speed Optimization Tools

Working on the website is a challenge. But page speed optimization can be difficult to understand and implement for everybody; for those who know how to code and for those who don’t. On top of that limited coding and JavaScript, knowledge can seriously damage your websites organic rankings. Earlier this year, Google announced that they are going Read More