Top digital marketing blogs to bookmark

Keeping up to date with the most recent updates with all of the social media applications and SEO is one of the most important issues that a digital marketer should be concerned. Being out of the industry I have found this out the hard way. However, I have found many blogs which focus on digital marketing and have helped me to keep track of what is happening in the industry. Digital marketing blogs kept my skills and knowledge relevant to the marketing industry. Here are some of the top digital marketing blogs that I consider most relevant and up to date in the fast passed environment


One of the wider topics blog which has a vast amount of information in it and can help you improve your skills and attract new customers. Their blog covers topics from social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) to SEO. And it’s not just general stuff that a 13-14-year-old child already knows. If you scroll through the full blog you will find some articles that actually dive into the topic and talk in detail about the technical issues that you might be facing.  

Moz blog

If you are not that technical in the marketing industry and only know the basics of SEO, Moz blog is the place to read on daily basis. The blog provides you with all the tips and tricks that you potentially need and will teach you how to take control of your SEO. They are always up to date with their articles and provide interesting point even for the people who think that they are SEO gurus. This blog has helped not only me to keep my skills up to date but also helps people who are in the industry for a long time. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will never regret that decision.


Your content significantly impacts your consumers/users experience. If you want to keep your content fresh and relevant to your consumer Copyblogger is a blog to visit frequently. It provides tips and tricks on how to improve your content, which will help to engage with your consumers. Copyblogger provides content improvement strategies not only for your blog posts or social media but also helps you to improve your content on your email marketing campaigns and website content.


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This is a bit of self-advertising, but our blog is aiming to improve your knowledge and skills in the digital environment. You will find news from the marketing industry, events that might be interesting, new and improved social media practices and strategies. We will also look into SEO and PPC practices and how to implement digital into your current strategies or even give you ideas on how to improve your strategy. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you updated on the latest news in the marketing industry.

Social media groups

Best way to keep up to date with everything that is happening is to talk to other people about it. Social media groups are one important tool that will help you to solve the majority of your problems. If you have encountered an issue, people will have a solution for it. The more groups you will join, the better exposure to the industry you will get. With people working on different campaigns it is bound to have issues and social media groups are the place to solve them. Ask professionals for an advice and you will never be disappointed with the response you will get.

Top marketing blogs to bookmark

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